Palóc út Hagyományőrző utak


Interreg V-A Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Programme


Project date: 01.06.2019. – 30.09.2020.

Project acronym: THEMATIC ROUTE FOR AGES 0-100

Project title: Tourism for all ages 0-100: tours and recreation on „Palócföld – Hont – Podpol’anie” joint thematic route

Project No.: SKHU/1801/1.1/026

Total awarded support for the project: 657.350,00 EUR



Project partners:

- Palóc Út Kulturális Turisztikai Klaszter Egyesület (Lead Beneficiary – HU)

- Fáyné Tornóczky Judit (HU)

- Cicáskacus Vendégház Kft. (HU)

- Natália Bendíková (SK)


The following content is available for the project:






Project summary:

PALÓCÚT created the “Palócföld-Hont-Podpol'anie – Traditional Thematic Route“ as cultural touristic thematic route in the Hungarian-Slovak border region.

Our mission is

- the joint development and touristic utilisation of the common natural and cultural heritage of the said border region,

- to integrate economic players (tourism enterprises).


Target groups:

The most important feature of our border region as a common destination is untouched nature and tourism supply based on living traditions. Thus, our visitors are

- ecotourists,

- cyclistc,

- those seeking cultural heritage and traditions.

With the joint project we plan to satisfy the demands of these target groups on a high quality level so that it draws further guests and generate 10% increase in the number of visitors.

The three areas in which the partner SMEs carry out development:

- Creating tourist shelters and recreational spots,

- Establishing bicycle rent system and equipping it,

- Creating the infrastructure and equipment for culinary and event tourism based on traditions, organising tours encompassing the whole destination area.


The three SMEs design service elements that can also be used by other tourism enterprises of the border region (appr. 500 economic players): e-bicycles, mobile kitchen, bicycle and passenger transport vehicle, event venue), the development has an impact on the whole Thematic Route area.


The activities have unified objectives; still can be differentiated and complement each other according to various needs of different age groups:


The most important function of PALÓC ÚT Association carrying out management and communication tasks is to support the sales and marketing of the generated products and services.



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