Palóc út Hagyományőrző utak

Just a few programmes held every year


In January
New Year's Concert in Eger
Carnival Parades


In February
Gluttonous Thursday


In March
Spring Festival in Eger


In April
Easter hospitality

In May
Day of Open Cellars, wine tours to the cellars of Nagyréde
International Dixieland Festival in Salgótarján
Landscapes, tastes, cultures - Nógrád County Farm Festival hosts
Laska Festival and Tócsni Party in Kazár

Pentecost Celebrations


In June
Midsummer Night Festivities
Musical temple garden in Varsány
Folklore Day in Őrhalom
Ipoly-valley Equestrian Days in Nógrádgárdony
Goat Cheese Festival in Terény
Castle Days in Sirok
International Jumping Gala in Salgótarján
Historic Castle games in Fülek
Night of Museums
Palóc Days in Gyöngyöspata
Castle Festival in Somoskő and Fülek
Tócsni Festival in Bátonyterenye


In July
"The Forest plays music" - Mátra Art Days
Palóc Homespun Cultural Festival
Nógrád International Folklore Festival in Fülek
Palóc Day in Parád
Nógrád International Folklore Festival in Balassagyarmat
Day of the Palóc Cross in Herencsény
St. Anne's Day in Balassagyarmat
Historical Festivities in Eger
Strudel Festival in Hasznos
Biker Meeting in Sirok
Theatre Days in Terény
Nógrád International Folklore and Gastronomy Festival in Salgótarján

In August
Agria International Folk Dance Festival and Wine Market in Eger
Theatre in Hollókő
Palóc Days in Fülek
New bread and cake festival in Recsk
Bishop's Goose Festival in Szurdokpüspöki
Lepény Festival in Varsány
Palóc Pillow Festival in Mátraderecske
Plum Day in Noszvaj


In September
Harvest Festivities
Haluska Festival in Vanyarc
Flavors of Hungary - Culinary Festival in Kozárd
Stone Soup Festival in Szilaspogony
Potato Festival in Mátraballa
Cellar days in Noszvaj, and Day of the Oven Baked Dishes


In October
Mikszáth ceremony in Horpács
International Church Music Festival in Gyöngyöspata


In November
Palóc Gala in Eger
St' Martin's Day (goose dishes, wine tasting and new wine presentation)
New wine festival in Nagyréde


In December
World Heritage Day in Hollókő
Christmas market in Eger
Christmas events
Nativity Toys
Blessing of Wine and Wine Salon in Eger
New Year's Parade
New Year's Eve night tour of the Matra